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Cargo Loader / Cargo Loader: Lower deck / Product

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Unit: Loader
Model: Commander 15 Wide
Manufacturer: FMC
Engine: Diesel
Pallet container weight: maximum 15,000 lbs. lift
Minimum transfer height (rear platform): 19 inches from ground
Minimum transfer height (bridge): 66.5 inches
Maximum transfer height: 140 inches
Drive type: variable speed setting,
hydrostatic Turning Radius: 26 ft
Brakes: hydraulic/dynamic
Dimensions: overall length =341 inches, width: 136 inches
height: 108 inches, shipping height =6 ft 2 inches
Weight: 33,000 lbs.

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  1. Lift Speed (Rear Platform): 13.7 mpm (45 fpm)
  2. Lift Speed (Bridge): 4.6 mpm (15 fpm)
  3. Convey Speed: 18.3 mpm (60 fpm)
  4. Drive Speed (Maximum): 11 km/hr (7 mph)
  5. Turning Radius: 7.9 m (26 ft)
  6. All the following Options are Available as per request:
              ·         Requirement Packages
              ·         Alternate Power Sources
              ·         Rear Platform Configurations
              ·         Bridge
              ·         Operator's Cab
              ·         Rear Platform
              ·         Power Module
              ·         Electrical
              ·         Lights
              ·         Hydraulic
              ·         Maintenance
              ·         Cold Weather
              ·         Fire Extinguisher

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